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opt hair removal machine

opt hair removal machine

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opt hair removal machine

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In the summer, many ladies will worry about their body hair. Laser hair removal is less painful and more long-lasting, when compared with shaving and waxing, so it is preferred by many women. If you want to buy the professional hair removal equipment for your beauty salon, you are getting to a right place.

This article will give you an in-depth analysis of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal instrument for commercial. The profit of laser hair removal is very impressive for beauty shop or spa, it is because the machine is cheap, and the operating cost is low. A professional IPL hair removing system may cost only $2000 to $3000, but for each treatment, the fees can be $50 to $100 per treatment, or even $300 to $800 for each body part. As long as we have dozens of customers in the beauty salon, we can recover the cost and make money fast. We will introduce you to the best special-purpose laser epilation products below.

If you want to have a better and more professional laser hair removal device, this product will be your best choice. This is a portable hair removal device, it can help you remove armpits, limbs, face, lips, and other excessive body hair. Since it uses professional IPL laser technology, this hair removal device is suitable for people with darker skin, but the hair needs to be dark.

This laser hair removal device is comparable to the professional grade beauty salon machine, it is because after three treatment, the hair can be reduced by up to 92%.

A merit is that the package includes several laser adapters to facilitate the users to remove hair from different parts of the body.

Different people may have different skin colors. In order to achieve the best hair removal effect, this laser hair removal device has a technical, intelligent skin color detection system. The machine emits different lasers according to different skin color tones, so we can epilate at home like an expert!

Although this laser hair removal machine is intended for home use, it has a versatile laser emission setting. For instance, we can select the laser intensity to have the best and safest experience on epilation. In addition, it has auto mode that facilitate large area hair removal such as thighs or calves.


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If you are planning to provide hair remove treatment in your beauty salon, this professional IPL laser epilation machine would be your better choice.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a high-energy light with a broad range of wavelength (usually from 500 to 1200nm). We can have a certain wavelength of laser lights for hair removal or skin rejuvenation by using different filters.

What make this laser hair removal machine more professional then home-use device is that it has the cooling system, so the wind can cool down our skin while we are doing the epilation treatment. Since heat is generated on the epidermis during laser treatment, the cooling function makes us feel more comfortable and helps to reduce redness after hair removal by laser.

It has the 8-inch TFT display, so we can select modes and functions for different treatment.

It should be noticed that the cosmetic laser technician or spa professionals operating the laser hair removal machine needs to be licensed in some states. We need to check if your state has such kind of regulations.

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opt hair removal machine
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