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shaq tattoos removed

shaq tattoos removed

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shaq tattoos removed

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Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, better known as Shaq or The Diesel or Shaq Fu or even The Big Aristotle (for his wisdom!) Or The Big Daddy, Superman, The Big Agave, The Big Cactus, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Galactus, Wilt Chamberneezy, the Big Baryshnikov, the Real Deal, dr. Shaq and more recently Shaqovic are the only active NBA players in the top list of the 50 best players of all time.

Shaq is a giant 7 foot 1 inch, 325 pound man who is often defined as the most dominant player in the NBA. Such a physical force has always been backed by an equally monstrous ego, making Shaw one of the most arrogant and conceited players of all time. That means I have to admit, I love this big guy. He is, of course, arrogant, but in a funny way.

Shaquille o & Neil has won everything a basketball player could ever dream of. He is a fairly successful rapper and the star of his own reality show, Shaq Vs., in which he uses his entire ego to challenge the best athletes in the world in various sports disciplines. He also runs a Twitter account with just over a million followers! Certainly a successful person.

His huge body is also a perfect canvas for tattoo artwork. He has some tattoos, but the funny thing is that he had to ask his mother before he got them. Here are the words of The Big Agave: « First and foremost, I got my tattoos because I got them, you better believe I asked my mother first. »

It is not easy to recognize all his tattoos. Some of them are quite tall, others are not clear enough to say what they really are. Here’s what I could find out about Shaquille tattoos:

Shaq is one of many NBA players who have decided to have his own nickname on his skin. Shaq chose Diesel among his many pseudonyms as a tattoo for his left shoulder. He got it right over his favorite tattoo, a perennial mark of his immortal selves: the big « S » of Superman. Not satisfied yet, he also added the inscription « Man of Steel ».

More difficult to distinguish are the tattoo motifs on Shaq’s right shoulder and arm. One of them should show his daughter name Amirah, but I can not say for sure.

Two more controversial inscriptions say, « The world is mine, » and « Against the law, » as Shaq explains, « My game is so good that there must be a law to stop it. »

Another interesting tattoo design on his right arm shows a fist with a diamond.

Some other recognizable tattoos on the body of Shaq are the word « BIG » and the design of a Hulk-style man with large muscles who may even present Shaquille on his right forearm.

Source by Rupert Mayer

Kentucky health officials are proposing a ban on tattooing over scarred skin, a plan that could block one of the reasons why some people get a tattoo in the first place.

The state’s Department of Public Health has not stated a reason for the proposed ban, except that it wants to focus on cleaner environments in tattoo shops.

Draven Gayheart with Lost Gypsy Tattoo in Hazard, Kentucky, said he’s covered up dozens of scars over the years, including one on his wife.

“My wife had a large portion of her bicep removed. She had a large scar in that area. She hid this scar for half of her life,” he told WYMT-TV. “It’s been turned into something of beauty now.”

At Zoe’s Tattoos and Piercings in Louisville, owner Alonzo Chappell told WLKY-TV they tattoo over scars nearly every day.

“It’s really a healing process. I mean, a lot of people come to have closure on maybe a scar or some kind of burn,” Chappell said.

The proposal does not define “scarred skin” and artists say that without clarification, they could not provide cover-up tattoos.

A statement from the state Cabinet of Health and Family Services said: “Regulations in this area have not been updated for about 15 years.”

A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for May 28 in Frankfort, the capital.


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One of the most mentioned reasons among our clients for why they want to remove tattoos is the hope of setting a good example for their children. The Tattoo Removal Program is often the first service that brings people to Homeboy Industries. Many find the first step in leaving gang life is recognizing that gang-related tattoos are unwelcome in the workplace. From there, people learn of our comprehensive wraparound services and often take advantage of other offerings such as mental health, job development and GED tutoring.
Our program has always been sustained by the generosity of dedicated volunteers and supporters, which allows us to serve nearly 3,000 tattoos monthly. With over 30 professional medical volunteers, we welcome doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners daily to treat these almost 950 clients that come through our doors.
It’s unclear who commissioned the new ink, but Aaron documented a good portion of the process on his social media and seemed to be in good spirits about it.

Yup. That’s a face tattoo. No two ways around it. Most people start with the teardrop, he went all in with the Medusa. The Greek God with snakes for hair who would turn anyone who looked at her into stone. Which is fitting because anyone who looks at that tattoo will want to bash their own face in with a stone. All things considered it’s not really that bad, the only problem is that it’s on his face.
That, and he’s captioning his photo with, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable #LMG #SilenceBreaker.” Regardless, Aaron can and will be denied not just from the music industry, but from most fine dining establishments, playgrounds, anywhere with children or senior citizens, and society in general. He’s basically written himself off worse than he already did when he had the gun fiasco. Oh well, at least he has his dirt bike…

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