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What Does A Derma Pen Do?

What Does A Derma Pen Do?

Derma Roller vs Derma Pen – What is the Difference?
By Ann Marie, Updated on June 20, 2019

Derma Roller vs Derma Pen – What is the Difference?
This topic on derma roller vs derma pen will give you a clear idea about difference between them. Hope you will able to select the perfect device for your proper skin care.

Microneedling pen or dermapen are the exactly same things in different name. The word derma means anatomy or zoology. Since dermapen apply the same principle of micro needling we can easily say both the things are same.

Similarly the same case with derma roller and microneedling roller. They are also same things since they apply the same principle of technology.

The micro needling derma pen is the modern version of the derma roller. That means the roller is predecessor of derma pen. We will find out the differences between them and obviously pen is the latest modification of microneedle derma roller being superior to roller.

What is derma roller? – its benefits, pros and cons
The micro needling roller is one the ideal skin beauty aids available nowadays. We will see what microneedling roller can and cannot do for your skin. This type of roller has only a few components.

The main part of this roller is a rotating wheel filled with 100-1000 tiny (micro) needles. The needle size will determined the depth of penetration where collagen and elastin are produced. It has a medium size handle to grab the roller safely.

How to choose a derma roller?
For the sensitive area and thinner skin like face and lip you can use the length of 0.25 mm while for thicker skin any other place of the body you can use 1.00 mm needles. A broader roller with many needles can easily treat larger area while less needle roller can treat smaller area.

Of course you can find roller of various sizes and various number of needles. Since there are various sizes rollers are available in market you can easily choose one which correctly fits your hand grip.

Microneedling / Derma Pen:
Dermapen comes with sterile, sealed and a disposable needle cartridge to maintain highest safety precaution. The needle cartridge is replaceable having multiple needles and can easily penetrate epidermis and dermis of skin. This produces micro injuries and thereby creating micro holes or pores in order to produce collagen and elastin.

You can just apply the treatment of micro needling pen and you get rid of scar, stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines and you are not to be worried at all. It offers you a fast and dramatic change in your beautification.

The derma pen revolution began in the year 1920 and since then it is one of
the best treatment to eliminate skin issues or irregularities. While taking
treatment with this instrument you need not to take much preparation, the procedure is simple and the result is quick.

After the arrival of 2 versions now comes 3rd generation Dermapen3 is much
improved than other 2 versions. Derma pen cryo is the latest pen that utilizes nitrous oxide N2O to destroy unsightly skin marks. The micro needling pen offers three major advantages as are very easy operation, highly accurate and the outcome is evident.

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